Thursday, February 13, 2014

pick asidz: timid as can be

Loca: so what is it...happy homeland day mike and jen connor live next door?
Maybe josh is scared shitless salem...

Monday, February 10, 2014


Trax: so what do you think I got you...
Or maybe another question...what did he...whoever that He may be...what do you think he will get you later in the same question!

Loving others...

Loving others is expresive...
Loving others is emotional...
Loving others should not hurt...

Love should not be a catastrophe or cause grief in one's self optitude.
Love can be trite or love can be longstanding.
The emotion of love is something that one should not have cause to doubt.
Standing over a longwinded period perhaps...
Selflessness is honor bound, but love can take place bipedally.
Honor resides in pride and to have a free and clear emotional state, is to have a love line that is operationally o.k. That in the end is a loving veration of feelings...
I guess that is the reason why I personally needed to get clean and be able to feel again...consiously and emotionally!

Love...strong...with no careless self doubt!
To: jessica richter

Sunday, February 9, 2014

pickasidz: an adjective for Rhetoric

Trax: You know DavinCi loved the workings of aristotle?
Loca: that supports a good hypothesis street meat...
Trax: seriously though a good detective should also have a side hobby as an entimologist!
Loca: a good detective shouldn't be robotic and believe rumors...
trax: well rumors are word of mouth and not always pretensious...
loca: like your epic poem about the pretensious prince?
Trax: no loc really reality demands conception and everyone not just a detective should always keep an open mind for a good subliminal superlative...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pick Asidz: Happy Neu Year

Loca: Happy new year blue!
Playground: HAPPY 2000 4 teens...
But were not teens anymore are we loc?
Loca: WHERE is your best friend Traxy pad?
Playground: Everyone wants to know right or wrong?
I heard he just couldn't deal and checked himself into sober living...
Loca: Well I haven't seen him since I had sex with another man in his old apartment's closet and got pregnant...
Playground: Well he told you about part and bribe her...but Traxy's closet is as good a porn title as any...

Monday, January 13, 2014

The hope starts with a kiss

The hope starts with a kiss
Something not to dismiss
Case at hand
Causing for demand
Pretext over passion
A kissy class action...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The day began...

The day began with an offering of peace
It prompted me to disway my anger at the precipice
It would have been a hard climb on another day
Another being would have began too hesitantly
I was filled with a coy feeling of doubt
But not quite despair...
Although at the beggining of a quotient
There is sometimes an unequal balence
A true beseachment upon grief
Hoping to settle the debt
As a callous person would halt...

But I myself did not waver
Some have called me a hero
Many illustrate an unusual protagonist
But mercy quells the ill intent
Measure may guide a forthright hand
To vigor over pretense

A shadow of effect can illuminate a hard day
A yellowing fathom of stature
A pasture of green with white openings
Spring or summer over the winter's dawn
.Snow is but a fixture of illumine senses
The nature of it confounds some
The weary may fall upon it and hope not to climb
But the envigorated glide across it
Pretext is that it might be cold
But to cool off has a sharp effect on a gesture
Not a vessel but a migration of a snowflakes sense...